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Pars Darou company

Pars Darou company is one of the largest and oldest Pharmaceutical Companies in Iran which belongs to Tamin Pharmaceutical Investment Holding, the largest Pharmaceutical Holding in the country. This Holding owns 34 of the market share in the country and is covered by the social- security organization.
Pars Darou Company was established by Germany’s Bayer Company under the name of Bayer Pharma in an area of about 25000 m2 at the east side of Tehran in 1960 and was put into operation in 1962. Initial products such as Aspirin Tablet, Dolviran Tablet, Refagan Tablet, Tonic and Cresival Syrup, were produced under the license of Bayer Company, Germany.
After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Company was transferred to the government under supervision of Iran’s National Industry Organization with the name of Pars Darou Company joint stock. In 1982, according to an agreement between Iran’s National Industry Organization and Germany’s Bayer Company, 76.25 percent ownership of Bayer Company was transferred to Iran’s National Industry Organization.


Pars Darou Company was changed into public joint stock in 1994. The Company always tries to increase the value for shareholders and stakeholders. In this regard, the Company has invested in 52.5 percent of shares of Farabi Pharmaceutical Company, 20 percent of shares of Hejrat Distribution Company and 20 percent of shares of Amin Pharmaceutical Company.
Currently, Pars Darou Company with more than half a century of experience and production of  more than 80 pharmaceutical products such as antibiotics, antiviruses, antifungal, antidepressant and medications for women by generic and brand names of various doses has been recognized as one of Iran’s leading pharmaceutical companies in research, production and supply of pharmaceutical companies in Iran. Using strategic planning, the company is trying to improve its position and to be considered as one of the top five companies in the pharmaceutical industry in Iran.